TENA Ultimate Underwear


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TENA Ultimate Underwear is designed to protect against heavy urine leakage while remaining comfortable and discreet. It has a stronger more absorbent core, improved leg gathers to protect against leakage, and softer and more comfortable against your skin. TENA Ultimate Underwear provides triple protection against leaks, odour, and wetness.
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Additional Information

  • Focused on Leakage Protection - elastic leg gathers fit snugly against your skin to protect against leaks and channel liquid back towards the absorbent core
  • Dual barrier system ensures protection while lying down and getting up
  • High absorbency core Innovative W-shaped absorbent zone conforms to the curves of the body providing a closer fit, channeling away liquids from the skin
  • Odour Protection - designed with an odour neutralizing pH balance of our super absorbent technology that works to stop odour before it starts

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    •Triple Protection
    •Super absorbent core