TENA Very Light Liners Regular


TENA Very Light Liners Regular


Item# 64800, 56300

TENA® Very Light Liners - Regular are for very light absorbency needs, such as losing a few drops of urine while coughing or laughing. TENA® Very Light Liners - Regular have a specific design to ensure a great fit by following your body's natural contours. There’s also a soft, cloth-like outer layer for extra comfort, enabling you to enjoy your day with complete confidence.


 Light Bladder Leakage Protection

  • Uncontrollable urine leakage of a few drops, especially when laughing, coughing, sneezing or straining.
  • Minor leakage during or after pregnancy

Additional Information

  • SOFT, QUICK-DRY TOPSHEET pulls in liquid fast to keep the wearer dry.
  • DRY-FAST CORE™ with super absorbent technology wicks away and helps trap in liquid quickly for effective leakage protection.
  • CUSHIONY SIDE GATHERS provide a fit that conforms to the wearer's body.
  • ADVANCED ODOUR PROTECTION pH-balanced to fight odours.
  • ADHESIVE STRIP for secure fixation in the wearer's own underwear.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED for convenient and discreet portability.
Absorption Description # in pack
2 Regular Length | Order#:64800 4 Packs of 12 Pcs/Case
2 Regular Length | Order#:56300 6 Packs of 26 Pcs/Case
Item # 56300 64800
UPC# 768702563000 380040648005
SCS/OCC# 10768702563007 10380040648002

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