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When it comes to male incontinence you aren’t alone. Millions of men understand what you're going through and so do we. That's why TENA is a great resource for information, tips and answers to help you get back to your full and active life.

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There are several different types of incontinence and equally as many factors as to why it occurs. Find out about them here.

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You live a full, active life and incontinence shouldn't stop you from doing that. Along with our full line of male incontinence products, here's how TENA can help.

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Prostate Cancer and Urinary Incontinence

The symptom of urinary incontinence in connection with prostate cancer is very rare, however following surgical treatment to remove cancerous cells urinary incontinence is a frequently reported symptom. Following radical prostate surgery the long term incidence of urinary incontinence ranges from 4% to 8% (ICS 2018). If you are experiencing symptoms please visit your physician, or specialist continence advisor for recommendations to your individual case.

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