Fact or Fiction?

Learning about incontinence can help you manage it better. You’ll also learn that there’s a lot of misunderstanding and myths about incontinence. For example, you probably didn’t realize just how common it is.


Incontinence basically means you can’t be hygienic

This is false. No one should have to feel damp or unclean. The most usual way to avoid this is to use a incontinence protective product, which ensures dryness by locking urine and odor away from the body for complete freshness and discretion.


Incontinence means you can’t drive long distances

This is false. With the right incontinence protection products you can drive wherever and whenever you like. So rip up the map and go explore. There’s no need to worry about unexpected traffic jams or not being near a bathroom. In preparation for your trip visit our Products Page.


It has nothing to do with virility

This is true. Incontinence in and of itself does not affect virility and leakage doesn’t usually happen during sex. So, unless you’ve experienced nerve damage due to surgery or have other underlying problems, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a full and happy sex life.


If you really try, you can control it.

This is false. There are numerous causes and types of incontinence, and there are incontinence protection products especially designed so men can manage the situation and get on with their lives.


No one I know has incontinence

This is false.  Incontinence is surprisingly common, so you may well know someone who’s experienced it.


Incontinence is a sign of old age

This is false. Millions of men experience incontinence at some time during their life, often when they’re younger than 50.